Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where is Spring???

Last weekend I was beginning to wonder if Spring would ever arrive, when I received the most wonderful surprise in the mail...  

 Marie W  sent me this lovely spring biscornu, which really brightened my day! 

I love the little bluebirds on the back- they're so cheerful! 
Thank you, Marie- with everything you've been through lately, it was incredibly kind of you to take the time to stitch this for me.  I'll cherish it forever.

Just when I thought Spring must finally be right around the corner...

Ol' Man Winter showed he wasn't quite done with us yet!  This was the view out our front window on Sunday, April 17.  The four inches of snow we got made it look more like Christmas...

So it was very appropriate that I received this beautiful Quaker Christmas ornament from Carol this week:  
The stitching and finishing are just gorgeous (as usual)!  Thank you, Carol- I love it!!!
So thanks to Carol and her lovely ornament, I was feeling all Christmas-y again, and about to make myself a nice hot cup of cocoa...
When I looked out the window to the back yard
and saw that it looked a lot like Spring after all!
They say in Michigan, "If you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes- it'll change".
Last night we had a terrible hail storm- it sounded like rocks were coming right through the roof!

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